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Basics of Script Writing

This post contains the steps for writing a script. There is no script format here. You can find it yourself.

Who says bloggers’ work are very limited?

With our creativity and consistency in blogging, bloggers can also be scriptwriters, you know.

Don’t just exalt the director and underestimate the scriptwriter, huh. As all positions have a role in video production, we shall not underestimate the scriptwriter works.

Even though scriptwriter’s work is invisible to the eye, the work is truly real!

Not only artists, but also the entire team must need the script.

The following are examples of how each role treat and use a script:

  • Director: knows and understands the layout of the set,
  • Artist: know and how to act out the script
  • Logistics: know what properties to prepare. Including clothing that must be prepared. As we know, clothes represent the role of the character,
  • Finance: know how much money to prepare. Then make a fundraising or sponsorship plan (and if necessary debt). This plan needs a written proposal, as well.
  • Etc.

So, the scriptwriter must be able to put his imagination and visualization out (which may be the result of discussions with the director and producer as well), into the text; according to the needs of the roles above. As we know, MILES FILM always empower Mira Lesmana as producer and Riri Riza as director. Collaboration from both of them always produce great films to watch.

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Casts need text that is concise, concise, and appropriate to spoken conversation (this is relatively similar to writing conversations in fiction, but not quite the same).
FYI, writing in short sentences and paragraphs is the same as technical writing. Just feel the difference, hehe.
Upon writing a story, according to the standard of the story: there is a CHARACTER who usually does what, then experiences the PROBLEMS, and how he/she explores, finds, then implements the SOLUTION.

In the following list, I put out my perspective in thinking and writing on blogs, into a script.


Writing can indeed come from personal experience. But it will be more valid if we ask questions or find out more about similar experiences from other people..

In addition to validating these personal experiences or problems, this activity will help us find a bright spot (or answer) to the question “How to make the audience of this story feel connected to that premise?”

As a product or work, it is imperative that we shall recognise and acknowledge the difference compared to similar products/works. Sufficient research shall helpful.

A little difference is better than a little bit better.

Pandji Pragiwaksono

The abovementioned quote shows us that, it is important for us to search and find keywords or key points that must exist and then concoct them into the script.

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Research must be carried out, but it cannot be forced to be completed first and then move on to the next activity. As writing a script is agile activity, you often have to go forward first, then go back a little to finish the pending homework.


Write down everything you want to write first. Whether it’s about the character, the situation/atmosphere of the set, the plot, the problems faced, and so on. Put in all from your mind until there is nothing left.

After all the materials are available, let’s connect them one by one into a complete storyline. If you find a “hole” that doesn’t make sense, fix it one by one.

If the storyline is completed, is it really finished? No, it’s not. But it may depend. Let’s include the audience element.

I mean, this work still has to be entertaining, right? Yes. It should be noted, entertaining (to entertain) doesn’t have to provoke laughter (make laugh), huh. It can also be entertaining in other forms.

And thank God, thank God if there is a memorable part. How to write it is as important as the storyline itself.

Let us continue to edit (editing) part. Later on, we can return to writing if deemed necessary.

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Of course, the story must be written in a concise form. There should be no unnecessary parts. All components must work seamlessly and coherent to build a robust story.

This is where editing comes in to scrape off those annoying fats.

We remember, visualize, and re-validate the function of each part of the story we have written. Which one acts as a message giver, which one presents entertainment, which one is deliberately made so that this work is easy to remember, and so on.


That is what I have written, step-by-step what I have done when compiling a video script for a company introduction and product marketing video.

Eits, make no mistake. Even though things are as serious as the company and the business, it still needs characterizations and storylines, you know.

Do you have similar experiences? Please share in the comments column ya. Thank you.


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