Complete Guide of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing term covers online selling, search engines, social media, content management, and so on. This guide elaborates all abovementioned terms under big umbrella named 'Digital Marketing'.

Digital marketing is a digital and online marketing and/or sales effort on the internet.

What does digital marketing cover? Search engines, social media, content management, marketplaces, and so on.

Let’s go deeper. Search engines have SEO and SEM. There are free social media and also paid (fb ads, ig ads, twitter ads, etc.). There are marketplaces tokopedia, shopee, blibli, Bukalapak, etc. Btw, there is SEO in the marketplace too, you know.

Managing content includes but is not limited to content planning (including keyword research) and content optimization.

Can you do it yourself? Obviously you can. Because real competence is not difficult to master. The knowledge is spread on the internet, the experts are there, the opportunity to try and explore is also very possible.

The challenge of self-taught learning is that knowledge continues to develop. Search engines, social media, marketplaces all develop themselves continuously in order to provide the best results and user experience to their users. So, we must be strong in learning and applying one or even all of them.

Apart from being self-taught, we might also take courses. Now more and more course providers. The price is even more affordable.

Digital Marketing Course

After the course, we have to keep up to date with the development of science. The easiest, cheapest, and humane way is to join the closest community in your city.

It could be that there is no one community for all digital marketing science groups. But according to the medium. For example, the SEO community, the FB Ads community, and so on.

Digital Marketing Agency

What if you are not able to learn self-taught, and you don’t pay for the course, is there anyone willing to do it? Yes, it’s called a digital marketing agency.

Digital marketing agency is an agency that provides digital marketing services. Getting here, each agency is trying to focus on one or a few digital marketing channels and trying to have a unique positioning.


Five criteria for a product/business that is suitable for marketing with SEO techniques.

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Creating Marketing Content

It is important to make a content marketing strategy so that your content is coherent across all digital marketing mediums.

Copywriting is a writing technique (words, sentences, paragraphs) to influence consumers to buy from us.

​​Visit Copywriting Techniques page.

Learning Copywriting is also very important. Because it will be implemented everywhere: social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), e-commerce (tokopedia, shopee, etc.), and content writing.

​​Visit Learn Copywriting page.

Video marketing is on the rise. Its use is also on various social media platforms. You have to sign in from now on so you don’t miss it.

​​Visit the page Video Marketing .

Marketing through Podcasts

Podcasts are increasingly being used in digital marketing today. Podcasts are a medium for sharing your anxiety and desire that you can really relate to the listener for. Packaged with an interview format, Podcast looks like radio, but is more segmented and has a really good feeling.

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The 2nd most downloaded mobile app in 2019. And # 1 for July 2020. It’s time to consider when to start doing TikTok Marketing.

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There are still many who are careless in using hashtags. In this post, I try to elaborate on how hashtags should be used for branding and targeting.

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Does making an infographic have to be (visual) design? Actually no. But you have to understand information architecture.

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Understand the differences in content writing, copywriting, and content strategy and how to apply them in content writing activities.

​​ Copywriter, Content Writer, and Content Strategist

Tips for effective proofreading. So that our script is free of typos and other mistakes, and is easy to read by readers.

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Case Studies

Online culinary product promotion techniques that are right on target.

Visit Culinary Product Promotion page.

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